Gun Lake Performance Horses LLC

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Delightful Classic

1999 Sorrel

Delightful Classic Rolls Of Romance Dash For Cash Rocket Wrangler
Find A Buyer(TB)
Love N Money Easy Jet
American Dream
Miss Sticky Fingers Easy Approach Easy Jet
Pea Jacket (TB)
Gates Glass Raise Your Glass (TB)
Gates Jet
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Cash This Chip

2007 Gray

Cash This Chip Judge Cash Dash For Cash Rocket Wrangler
Find A Buyer (TB)
Mary Mito Mito Paint (TB)
Shelly Leo Bar
Chipped Image Banners Finalimage (TB) Banners Image (TB)
Speed And Beauty (TB)
Truckle Michi Cadger
Chipper Michi
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Signal Red

1998 Sorrel

Signal Red On The Money Red Bennies Big Red Bennie Leo
Pay Jay
Dolly Priest Little Dick Priest
Queen Jacket
Signal Jet Jet Charger Jet Deck
Rosa Leo
Buy Signal Fleet Kirsch (TB)
Carlotta 2
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Bullys Kitten

1999 Sorrel

Bullys Kitten Bully Bullion Special Effort Raise Your Glass (TB)
Go Effortlessly
Mary Poppins Bond Issue
CG Yochum Kitten Mark Hum Special Effort
Charger Bar
Phantom Kitten Kitaman
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2008 Bay

Baylee All Mitey Dash Dash For Cash Rocket Wrangler
Find A Buyer (TB)
Go Mitey Mite Alamitos Bar
Go A Mite
Fols Native Special Special Move Special Jet
Skips Style
Shesanative Fols Native (TB)
Alli Dee
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LM Playboys Freckles

2007 Sorrel


Shez Raisn The Heat

2000 Sorrel

Shez Raisn The Heat White Heat Two Beduino (TB) Romany Royal (TB)
Jo-Ann-Cat (TB)
Miss Te Biscuit Azure Te (TB)
Little Dixie Dial
Belles Special (TB) Raise Your Glass (TB) Raise A Native (TB)
Champagne Woman (TB)
Riverboat Belle (TB) Riverman (TB)
Miss Gallivant (TB)
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Muzzies Best (TB)

2002 Brown

Muzzies Best (TB) Line In The Sand Mr Prospector Raise A Native
Gold Digger
Really Lucky Northern Dancer
Muzzie Verbatim Speak John
Well Kept
Bold Woman Bold Victor
Holiday Gift
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**Currently in foal to RENO ROYAL BLUE.  Due March 2017**


Deans Trick E Lady

2000 Bay

Deans Trick E Lady Dean Miracle Streakin Six Easy Six
Miss Assured
Our Third Delight Rebs Policy (TB)
Tinys Delight
Lady Chardonay (TB) Phone Trick (TB) Clever Trick (TB)
Over The Phone (TB)
Maggies Chardonay (TB Damascus (TB)
Mallorca (TB)
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**Currently in foal to FRENCHMANS GOT PERKS.  Due April 2017**


Six Fidgit

2000 Sorrel Mare

Six Fidgit Bank Run Six Fols Easy Six
Long Chance (TB)
No D Lay Lady Bugs Moon
Little Bor-Ax (TB)
Selling Image Best Seller (TB) Tumble Wind (TB)
Musicienne (TB)
Trays Eternal Image Traders Glory
Cindy Lou Breeze
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**In foal to FRENCHMANS GOT PERKS. Due April 2017**

Fast Penny Peake

1999 Brown Mare

Fast Penny Peake Fast Commander Buzz Bar

Three Bars (TB)
Bar Annie
Speedy Penny Super Charge
Henny Penny Peake
Miss Peppy Spark Gray Pie Sparky Gray Pie Too
Ebon Glitter
Tykes Little Peppy Peppy San Badger
Tykes Cowboy Missy
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**In foal to FRENCHMANS GOT PERKS.  Due April 2017**